We all have our “natural” box (what is natural for us).  Furthermore, we share that box of naturalness with others like us.  At the same time, there are other animate beings, for whom “natural” is different from what is natural for us.  For example, what is natural for the earthworm is not necessarily natural for the gorilla.

“Natural” is another way of referring to the limits that a given being, or a set of beings, has   Thus, it is not natural for me to fly using only my physical abilities and characteristics; flying in that sense is beyond my limits.  If I were to suddenly begin flying without any external assistance, it would be a miracle.  What had been a limit for me and thereby part of what defined what was natural for me, has been eliminated.

As alluded to above, what is natural for me is also natural for others of my “kind”, all of those that exist in the same box.  We share the same limits.

Let me expand this thought somewhat.  What is natural for God is beyond what is natural for us.  If we intervene in the natural life of a dog we are acting naturally, within our limits.  From the perspective of the dog, however, our intervention is like a miracle, a supernatural intrusion.  (Of course, the dog is not thinking about it!!).  The dog could not introduce into his box all that we humans can.  This simple analogy permits us to understand that when God intervenes in our world, it is supernatural event for us, but completely natural for Him.

Does God have a box in which He is (exists, lives, etc)?  Yes, but with a caveat.  God’s “box” is the box which is defined by His character, both moral and otherwise.  This is just another way of saying that there are some things that God will not do, because to do them would be a denial of His character.  But, there is no limit of any kind imposed on God that is external to God.  If there were, that limit would be ontologically greater than God, and God would, theoretically, be sharing existence in that box with other beings.

But, of course, God’s box is not part of a larger one!!!  Our box, of course, is.  God doesn’t share His “box” with anyone or anything else.  Of course, we do share ours.