For all our human capabilities and achievements, our life is not unlimited.  Even if it doesn’t have an end, although there are many who think it does, life certainly does have a beginning.  That is true both individually and generically.  Thus, to be fair, we have to say that there are some limits to life.

Nonetheless, we can also talk about life in terms of a continuum.  That is to say, that life is determined by the nature and scope of the external world with which the living being can relate.  A microbe has a very limited external world to which it may give and from which it may take.  The external world with which the earthworm can give and take is less limited than that of the microbe.  By the time we get to the human beings, the external world with which we can give and from which we can take is pretty large. In fact, we have the largest external world to which any sentient being can relate.

It is fascinating that with all the external world of which we are conscious and with which we exist in a giving and taking relationship, we continue to become aware of even more and more external world “out there.”  And, that is only when referring to the tangible world!!

When we experience the new life given by God, we are then put in touch with, or related to, a world of stimuli that we did not experience before.  Our “awareness” apparatus has been expanded by God’s gift of regenerated life, and thus even “more world” with which we will have a give and take relationship has entered our continuum.  Does this give me reason to say that heaven is not a fairy tale, but the logical step for the reborn children of God?  Yes, indeed.