There is something to learn by comparing our ingesting the Word of God and the practice of eating.

One bite of the wrong food can be disastrous if it is a very dangerous food.  On the other hand, one bite of the right food doesn’t do the same quantity of good that the same amount of bad food does damage.

This is easily seen in the case of a diabetic having to eat to overcome a negative situation.  I recall a professor who had diabetes, and sometimes we students would have to help him recover from an “attack” with some sugar intake in the form of candy.  Inevitably, he needed more than just one bite of the essential food.  But, just several bites would work wonders for him.  Normally, however, the impact of beneficial food comes from an ongoing diet of the right food, not just several bites of the “right” food every so often.

Using this analogy, there may be some moments in life when our spiritual status is so critical that one bite of God’s word as food will make a significant difference.  For example, it may be a Scriptural verse that strikes us with a word of consolation, or maybe a word of needed rebuke.  It may be a verse that shatters some nonchalance that has deadened our spirit of worship, or it may be a verse that overwhelms us concerning God’s love.

But, when that happens, and we are pleased that sometimes it does happen that way, we must still recognize that it is not normal.  The normal state of affairs is a steady diet of God’s word, reading it, thinking about it, and making the changes in our value system as a result of that reading.  That takes time.  It takes disciplined study and reading.  It is not the magic bullet approach.  But, eating well is not a magic bullet either.

And, that is the point.