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You know how sometimes when you buy books at a used book sale, you will find a little note tucked away in the volume you picked up.  Someone apparently forgot to remove the note before putting the book in the pile with all the others on the sale table.

But rather than being a note with the grocery list for supper, this was the note in the book I ended up with.  “If ever I have seen a man with a servant heart, it is found in you.  I love you so very much and thank the Lord that you are who you are.”

The note shook me as I thought of what might have been going through the mind of the fellow who originally received the note.  It is possible that the comment didn’t impact him anymore than the proverbial water running off the duck’s back.  But, I hope that the fellow who received the note recognized it as a tremendous commendation.

As for me, I think the comment is one of the most meaningful ones that could ever be said to someone.  I say that since I am so dismayed about and opposed to the normal exercise of power we see all around us.  It is true that we see behavior that has the appearance of service.  It is also true that much of that “service” is done to gain chips for future negotiations and paybacks.  How wonderful it is to be in a close relationship with someone who does things for others in a disinterested manner with no thought of gaining any personal benefit.  The short way to say that is “it was done out of love.”