At some point in her life, my mother had copied a piece she attributed to Grace Noll Crowell, “A Prayer for Grown Sons.”  Although Joyce and I did not have sons, the sentiment is genderless, and one with which I can identify in reference to my three adult daughters.   I hope the readers will experience the same response.

They are men now, Lord, my hands (at last) are emptied

of the countless tasks required for so long.

And, I am helpless quite before the problems

that grown sons face.  I cannot right earth’s wrongs

Or smooth their pathways, but dear Lord, You can.

Speak to them face to face, as man to man.


I have no legacy at all to give them.

But, if my prayer be answered, it will give

Them more than any wealth the world can offer.

I pray “Christ, be their comrade while they live.

Walk with them should they feel they walk alone,

And make your presence daily, hourly, known.


Companion them.  I ask for nothing greater

Than this rich blessing for these precious ones;

The (holy) companionship of Christ, a young man

As counselor and guide to these, my sons.

I loose their hands, having done all I could do

And trust them, Lord, implicitly to You.”