There are particular things about God that we need to know. For example, we need to know who and what He is, what He expects from us in moral terms, His provisions for us, His future plans for us as well as the rest of nature, what is involved in becoming related to Him in a positive fashion.  Due to who God is, pursuing the path of obtaining the items mentioned in the previous paragraph is a life-long process.

But knowing about God is not the same as being “at home” in His presence with the knowledge about God that we may have.

That brings us to the issue of corporate worship.  When we worship, both our knowledge about God as well as our personally knowing God are involved.  I find myself asking – Is our worship conditioned by our knowledge about God as well as our being at home with God?  If it is, and I can’t imagine it not being the case, what does this imply for corporate worship?

I ask that question because during a time of corporate worship, the worshippers are all over the map concerning what they know about God, and how much at home they are with God.  What will be appropriate worship for some will not at all be appropriate for others, and it is not a case of cultural or social differences, which simply complicate the matter that much more.