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  • Perhaps we must always keep in mind that even in giving to others, we will never be able to give them what only Jesus can give them.  If we have false expectations concerning the results of our own self-giving, we may end up being guilty of the blasphemy of thinking ourselves as replacements for Jesus.  Wouldn’t that be both tragic and ironic if we began by simply wanting to be self-giving like Jesus is!!! 
  • I hope you have found Bruce both provocative and instructive.  It’s highly unlikely you will agree with all he writes, but that is fine.  As I have told other students, don’t bother buying a book if you know from the get go that you will agree with everything, and it only repeats what you already know.
  • Since we see in the Gospels frequent references to miracles that are not described in detail, we may get the idea that Jesus’ miracles were happening every ten minutes (a slight exaggeration there!!)  Furthermore, we may look around us at our time in history and say there are not that many of those “spectacular miracles” happening in our world.  But, let me suggest that the miracles were not happening in the time of Jesus like we may imagine.  They were infrequent enough that people were still amazed, yet abundant enough to indicate that Jesus was very different from other people.  In other words, the miracles of the Bible are still unusual events, even in the times that they happened.