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If I knew I would die this coming Friday, would I take notes while listening to a sermon that talked about what would happen a year from now?  It appears that we come to a point in our life when only very little matters, and what does matter is to just do the next right thing until death.


A national insurance company included the following in one of their advertisements – “Even bright, mature teenagers sometimes do things that are stupid.  But, when that happens, it is not really their fault.  It’s because their brain hasn’t finished developing.  The underdeveloped area is called the dorsal lateral prefrontal cortex.  It plays a critical role in decision making, problem solving and understanding future consequences of today’s actions.  Problem is, it won’t be fully mature until they are into their 20s.”

While reading this comment, I couldn’t help pondering if what was described has anything to do with understanding Jesus!!!  I have frequently taught in my courses on Jesus that He had to have reached a God ordained status in His life before His death would accomplish the God ordained consequences of His death.  Jesus Himself had to be a particular kind of person for His death to be efficacious.  That is one of the reasons The Father spared Jesus from being killed by Herod the Great when Jesus was an infant.