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The sky was so blue, some refer to robin egg blue.  It was so beautiful.  The clouds were few, and scattered, and then to be only seen out on the horizon.  So, when he looked up, straight up, it was sky, only sky, a beautiful blue sky.

The trees’ leaves were completely still; not a breeze could be heard or felt.  But, the temperature was not hot.  It wasn’t cold either.  It was just Goldilocks right.

Nearby, on each side of the highway were the tallish plants that turn beige as autumn approaches.  Some of the green stalks were still noticeable.

Put it all together, and it was an afternoon just begging for someone to say, “Thank you, Lord, for such an abundant gift of nature’s goodness and beauty.”

But, why were his emotions not jumping with laughter?  Why was his soul flat?  The weather on that afternoon beckoned him to go for a run, or go for a ride on the bicycle, or find someone who would like to play tennis.

The lack of an answer to all those beckoning calls was really quite easy to explain.  She was not there.  The most beautiful sky, the most eye-catching views, the ideal temperatures, the deer there in the field of cut-corn weren’t any less idyllic than they were when she sat beside him.  It’s just that she was not now sitting beside him, and that made all the difference.