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Whether one is thinking about informing the world about God in terms of either “come and see” or “go and tell”, there is something that both concepts share in our thinking – that there exists some kind of competition between God and something or someone else.  It may relate to the fact that people have a sense of competition with other humans.  You see it in a store when buyers compete with each other to get a limited number of items that are available at 90% reduction.  You see it in a football stadium where 100,000 fans cheer on the competition going on between the two goal posts.  You see it in business where one company will try to bury/bankrupt another, or one candidate for a position will fluff up the CV.   You see it in the family where children compete with each other for the attention of the parents.  The list goes on.  So, why not think of God in competition with the gods?

Such thought may be explicable, but it is not justifiable.  God simply doesn’t have any competitors, and is not in any kind of struggle with other beings in His category.  He is the Only God.  There is no other in His category.  It isn’t even the case that a fight with God is not a fair fight.  There simply isn’t a fight.  God is the Only God.  What fight is happening is in the mind of humans that think in terms of God being in competition.

This being the case, when we are telling the world about God and His life for us, it is not a case of God being in danger of losing anything to anyone or anything else, or being knocked out in the ring.

Nonetheless, someone else is in danger.   It is the one who steps out of the plane flying at 30,000 feet under the illusion of stepping into an elevator, only to find that it is a long first step to the ground.  To say it more precisely, the one who is in danger of losing is the one who puts credence in the existence of the illusion that what God provides is also provided by someone or something other than God.

Let’s remember that we don’t represent God because He needs help in his fight with someone or something that is His equal, and the god who has the most fans will win.  God is not fighting His equal, hoping that His fans’ rambunctious outbursts will keep Him on an emotional high until victory is sure.  Rather, we speak for God and His salvation because we want there to be as few losers as possible, losers who have lost to a “nothing” in comparison to God Himself.

Let’s not forget that in the “God” ring, there is only one, and the ring we have built is no longer a ring.  It is a pedestal.