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Some in the audience were familiar with the name of Richard Dawkins.  For others, the speaker could just as well have referred to Aamiekson Qarhprek.  Whatever.  Dawkins has become popular in today’s European and North American markets, along with likeminded authors such as Harris and Hitchens.

Of course, atheism’s popularity may increase.  And yes, theists will be well served to cogently explain the intellectual legitimacy of theism.  But, there is one additional feature that we would be smart to consider — As more and more people become atheists, atheism self-destructs.

Friedrich Nietzsche’s argument, which seems solid, is that if there is no God, there is no morality.  Nietzsche didn’t make that statement as part of an argument to affirm God’s existence.  Quite the contrary.  His affirmation was that there is no God, and consequently there is no basis for morality.  “That is the hand humanity has been dealt.  Play the hand.  Face facts.”

Thus, the statement about atheism being self-destructing.  Where there is no morality (and I agree with Nietzsche that if there were no God, there would be no basis for morality) not only is God dead, but humanity also dies.  If atheism were correct, then not only would there be no God now, but there never would have been a God.  Without there ever being a God, morality would never have come into existence.  Unfortunately for the atheists’ argument, morality has come into existence.

This puts atheism in an ad absurdum situation, which destroys the legitimacy of the first premise – that there is no God.  So, atheism ends up becoming a strong friend for theism!!!  And so the advice from two paragraphs back about playing the hand and facing the facts, comes back to bite the atheists!!

True enough, the situation isn’t quite as simple as just described.  If we humans are inescapably moral, is there any evidence that we are morally progressing?  Of course, humanity is accumulating greater and greater amounts of information.  That is not in dispute.  But, are we humans, as a race, any “better” (a moral term) than ever?  The best that could be said is that we are not any worse, but concerning that the jury is still out.

That being the case after as many eons of existence that the human race has had here on earth, there is no reason to think that trend will flip-flop.  So, please, people, even if we are moral to some degree, don’t live the delusion that with time we will, on our own, “be better people.”  If we want to be better, it will not come out of what we are, but out of what is given to us from outside ourselves, from the God who is not dead, but who very much loves humanity!!!