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As Mike was eating a toasted cheese sandwich, he was also watching TV.  The Knights of Columbus were running an ad which portrayed a hungry child looking longingly in the window of a diner.  Her eyes were focused on a fellow eating lunch.   The ad finished with the little girl sitting beside him, and eating his lunch; he was drinking the cup of coffee.  Perhaps you have seen the ad at sometime.

By this time, the toasted cheese sandwich was the furthest thing from Mike’s mind.  He was almost crying, and asked the Lord, “Why I am so close to crying so frequently.  I never used to be that way.”

“Because you have become one of them.  You finally are growing in knowing the pain of losing something, someone.”

“Will I eventually return to normal?”

“Do you mean, ‘Will I ever go back to being abnormal?’”

It is something how a question can answer a question.