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This post will make better sense if you first read the previous post, “TERESA’S   STORY”

Teresa, thanks for your soul revealing reflections.  You have gone through experiences that, I assume, you wish you would not have had to face.  Yet, you do not appear to be angry.  Clearly God has already done MUCH in your life to keep you from being bitter and resentful.

As you know, your desire and faith to be God’s person, along with the life changing presence of Jesus in you, set the stage for on-going transformation, going even beyond what you have already experienced.  It appears that you so deeply want to be so close to Jesus that all other things have no option but to be secondary to that relationship of love with Him.  I am so grateful to read of your hope in this regard.

You are a realist, Teresa. You know that once something has happened, we can’t re-do it.  BUT, your realism goes further – you also clearly know that the past is not the last chapter in your book.  Rather than being un-done, the past we regret is covered by God’s forgiving us, and our forgiving others.  People who have not lived the “pruned” life as you have may not fathom how much you have been healed already.   You already have a degree of peace that you probably once thought was impossible.

You are living both the pain and joy of what God is willing to do to make us into the image of Christ.  With that image becoming stronger and stronger, you are also living out His virtues.  Some people will understand, some will acknowledge.  Some will be puzzled.

But, there is another group – the angry ones because they had their way to respond to what you once were.  Now, they don’t know what to do with what you are becoming.  In a sense, you are becoming more and more gloriously unpredictable in their eyes.   God loves that.  Others are left speechless because you are no longer contained in the box that had Teresa on the label.  But, you are becoming more and more Jesus’ Teresa, leaving behind Teresa’s Teresa.

You are becoming spiritually free from the chains of a past identity.  Some may want you to return to the Teresa they knew – they were more comfortable with that.  At least they knew how to relate with that Teresa from before.  But, you know that is the last thing they need, and hopefully they will also come to that realization.  If they do come to that realization, you will be there to walk them down the painful path of freedom, telling them that although the path is hard, it is worth every step as they see the Creative God of the universe on a personal level.  You know – you have been there, and your joy now is too good to forfeit at any cost.