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We are all wrong about some things.  That is simply the human situation.  The things about which I am wrong can be very different from the things about which Fulano is wrong.  We are all in error, and in error about different things.

In light of that reality, this question arises —  “Do all errors have the same value or seriousness?”  No.

The fact is that some errors are more or less important than other errors.  Since importance of things varies, our human reality is made up of specifics of relative value.  Not everything is of equal value.

As a consequence of this variation in value, the more valuable a particular thing is, the more important it is to be correct about that thing, and the more critical it is if we are in error about that thing.  Some might say that my comments lead to moral relativism, as it is commonly defined in our culture today.   But, really it is not moral relativism.  It simply is saying that not everything has the same value, and it is a mistake to make decisions as if they did.

Another consequence of what I am affirming is that the most serious error anyone can make is an error about God, since there is nothing more valuable than God.  We will never know all there is to know about God.  But, let’s not be wrong about Him.  Lack of knowledge about God is not the same as being wrong about God.