A parent accompanies her child into a dark basement because the child is afraid to go alone because “There are monsters there.” The mother had said, “No, there are no monsters. Everything is fine in the basement.”

But, that is of no avail.  The mother then says, “We will go together, and I will protect you from anything that is there, including a monster.”

The child walks with Mother to the basement without any fear.  The fact is that the fear was unfounded, but the child lost the fear not by being told it was unfounded, but because “Mother will protect me.”

Of course, the mother knew she wouldn’t have to protect the child from anything. But, she also knew that the child’s state of mind needed more than the affirmation that there were no monsters.  The child needed the “presence” of Mommy.

Is there some parallel with what God does for us?  We have fears of the unknown.  We project onto the unknown our version of the child’s monsters.  God knows there is no need for the fear, but He also knows that we need more than words to overcome the fear.  We need Him beside us, with us, etc.

In a sense, it should be enough that He tells us there is nothing there to fear.  But, we aren’t at that point yet, so He accommodates Himself to our reality.  He really didn’t protect us from anything – there was nothing there.  But, in our immaturity, we weren’t ready to not need His “protection”, so He goes with us.