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TOM  “John, we had quite an interesting go-around this past Sunday at our discussion group.  You would have gotten into it, I think.”

JOHN  “Oh yeah.  What was on the table?”

T  “That God hates.”

J  “That sounds like it could have gone just about anywhere since it is hardly a stand-alone issue.”

T  “I admit that I got into it because it seems to me that we humans frequently mix other values and behaviors with hatred, but which are not necessarily what God does. “

J  “Flesh that out a little for me.”

T  “Well, for example, God doesn’t express His hatred with revenge, at least the way humans normally define revenge.  God doesn’t express His hatred with gossip, or with murder.  God’s hatred is a pro-human value, since God hates what is destructive to human well-being.”

J  “That may be, but we humans hardly ever, if ever at all, hate without thoughts of revenge somehow getting into the mix.  For example, if someone questions my honesty, or even worse, if someone attacks me publicly by calling me a liar, I take that as offensive.  I am honest and proud of it.  And, if there is no apology extended, my hatred will rise to the top in short order.  I will look for ways of getting even and expressing my revenge.  By the time I sense hatred, there is nothing pro-human about it.  I don’t feel any shame for seeking revenge when I have reached the level of hating someone.”

T  “What you are saying sort of came up, but expressed a little differently.  As we talked about it, one of the guys suggested that pride indicates our commitment to “winning the competition, of beating the other, of putting the other down.”  When we don’t win, when we are beaten, when the other puts us down, we become hateful.”

Pride – a pointer to our successfully having won the competition, of having beaten the other, and deserving the congratulations.  . . . . Hatred – a destructive impulse that can rise in us when we lose the competition and lead us to “even the score, or more.”

We are wired that way, not seeing hatred as even possibly being a pro-human value.  And, then when someone says that God hates because He loves us and thus His hatred is a pro-human value, we scratch our heads in disbelief.

Is there any wonder why we need to be re-wired??