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Is any solution “free”? is the question I am pondering.

For example, our physician has a solution for the infection, and he prescribes an antibiotic.  Someone pays something for both the physician’s services and the medication.

The counselor offers a solution for a broken relationship, and he proposes particular actions that need to be taken.  Someone pays the counselor for services rendered.  The list of solutions goes on.

So, the question – are the solutions free?  It appears that they aren’t.

On one hand they cost the “solver” (physician, counselor, mechanic, teacher, etc.) time, resources, perseverance and other things as well.

On the other hand, the cost to the one receiving the solution is acquiescence to some degree, at least to the point of being willing to “try” the solution.

Does any of this train of thought transfer to the question of salvation by God?  Is salvation some kind of “solution?  Is it exempt from the comments in the first half of this musing?  I don’t know how it can be exempt.

This thinking does not lead to our “saving” ourselves.  The solution (salvation) certainly has been costly for God.  It appears that to go to the point of affirming that anything we do in relation to our salvation is an affront to God’s grace is not warranted.  If I recall correctly, John the Baptist used the expression “prepare the way” in reference to the public ministry of Jesus, our Lord and Savior.

Back to the analogies – patients who follow the doctor’s instructions are not healing themselves.  Being healed and being in the condition to receive the healing are two different things, and should not be conflated nor confused.

In like manner, being saved and being in the condition to receive the salvation are not to be confused with each other.

What do you think?