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Is justice evil?  Is justice evil when it requires that guilty people suffer in some way or other?

Humanity has a long history of governments making it legal to punish law offenders, even to the point of exacting capital punishment in some cases.  Most governments would claim, in whatever way they could, that a behavior is illegal because to some degree it is immoral.  If immoral behavior results in imposed suffering, it is not unjust unless the punishment outweighs the immoral (and consequently illegal) behavior.  Conclusion:  not all suffering is evil.  In fact, in some cases, it would be evil if there were no suffering imposed!!!

Back to the beginning question – Is it evil to punish people for being immoral?  Is God immoral or evil when punishing immoral or evil behavior?

Does it appear to you that in both cases, the answer is “no”??  Feel free to weigh in.