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One of my ongoing projects is to scan, in some cases to type, and to catalogue family items, with some of them dating back over 100 years.  There is enough to do that the Lord won’t be able to take me home to Him for quite a long time!!!

Just today, I ran across the following two paragraphs that were among my Mother’s items, and that clearly meant enough to Mother that she wanted to keep them–

  • A visitor at a hospital in Africa came upon an old woman who was minus all her toes, all her fingers and her eyeballs.  After speaking to her, he was impressed to ask her how she could be so contented in a condition like hers.  She said that she was well cared for in the hospital, had all her needs met and was feeling fine. When asked about friends or relatives outside the hospital, she told her inquisitor that all those she had known were either dead or had forgotten her.  She had found the fine art of contentment in God, delivered from her transgressions and sins by simple faith in Christ, and a satisfaction with her lot in life – serene and quiet in her confidence.  Her final quote was this – “I am content to stay, but ready to go.”  What a place of contentment this is for all of us – and especially to those of us who know Christ as Savior and Lord.
  • In my experience in recent days, I have been reminded of the woman who was asked how she could sleep so well in the midst of her troubles and afflictions, and she answered that she had read that “the Lord neither slumbers nor sleeps.”  So, she decided that there was no need for both of them staying awake, so she goes to bed and rests quietly and restfully, with the Lord taking the night shifts.