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It is a rare day indeed when I do not consciously thank the Lord for His active presence in my life.  It is also a rare day when I am not consciously aware of spiritual failure.  God’s work in my life is a high order value and I need to understand it as well as possible.

In seeking that understanding, I have come to perceive that God’s work in us, His children, is not to establish in us a second, independent, source of behavior.  Rather, it is to repair our damaged humanity.  Permit me to flesh that out a little.

God’s method is not to make us into spiritual schizophrenics, no more than Jesus Himself was a spiritual schizophrenic of humanity and deity.  Not being spiritually schizophrenic, Jesus did not have something that stood above his deity and humanity that was constantly deciding which “nature” would win out over the other.  There was not a “neutral” decision maker in Jesus indicating whether to obey His deity or His humanity.

Of course, Jesus did not have a humanity that needed to be repaired.  His humanity and deity were in synch.  But, we do have a humanity that needs major repair.

That is what the Holy Spirit is doing – repairing us, fixing us, renewing us, instructing us about righteousness, convicting us to the point where we repent and ask forgiveness, opening our eyes to spiritual realities we have not observed before, and making us sensitive to our environment on a level we have not experienced.  God’s repair job on us is not His eliminating our humanity and putting deity in its place.  He is changing our fallen humanity into an image of Jesus.

Understanding this permits us to be confident Christians.  We are able to do moral things we once could not do.  Although evil still exists in us, it will finally be destroyed when it no longer is useful to God.  Until then, God permits some evil because other needs must be fixed before the evil can be ultimately destroyed.  To destroy the evil before God’s designated time is to destroy it prematurely.

I would be happy to read your interaction with what you have just read.  I still have much to learn.  Thanks.