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God is genderless.  The Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit have no gender.  Although the Father and the Son have labels that normally among humans connote gender, the labels do not denote any gender hierarchy.  Rather, they denote that the relationship in the Trinity is one of mutual love and shared responsibility.  In fact, the Incarnation included the Son setting aside certain “benefits” to accept a subordinate role for the purpose of human redemption.  But, the point is that before the incarnation, no such subordination existed.

And, even with the incarnation, that subordination became a model for both genders, not just one of them.  And so, we see that the Apostle Paul calls for mutual submission between the husband and the wife.  That is Godly, in the highest sense, and trumps any gender driven power play.

Why can’t Christians get this?  Why the drive for power, whether by the men or the women?  How can they not see that this drive is inevitably destructive, and that mutuality is part of the path to goodness, righteousness, healthy relationships and wholesome psyches?

In this train of thought, I was very encouraged just several days when a person commented, “Not all that long ago I absorbed the truth that a key to personal relationships is to grant the other person the benefit of doubt.  If two people love each other properly, they are acting on behalf of the other’s best interest.  Why should I allow myself to think the other one is not acting that way?  Why not give them the benefit of the doubt? “  Note what that does for gender relationships, be it in the family or in the church.

May that person’s tribe increase!!!