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I just read of a group of people who presented a new home to a military widow and her son, Sara and Landon Wood, in Houston TX.  It was given to them by “Operation Finally Home” during half-time of a football game yesterday.  They were able to get her to the game (Houston Texans versus the Carolina Panthers), the first Texan game she had seen, by asking her to receive a memorial for her husband Scott.  She was overwhelmed by the gift of the house, of course.

As I read it I choked up, and am still, as I write this.  I know that there could be a variety of mixed motives involved in how the gift was presented; I don’t want to be Pollyannaish.  But, I also know that the joy of a lady and her five year old son demonstrates that not everything is hellish in this world.   The folk involved in the project weren’t forced to build and give this house.  They did it, basically, out of the goodness of their hearts.  And, I actually feel the sensation in my throat as I note this down.  “I am happy for you, Sara and Landon, as you have been offered a new stage in your life together.”  By the way, although Landon knows his father will not return, he talks to Scott in heaven!!

There may be joy in heaven when a sinner is rejoined with God.  Here on earth, I know some joy when I witness, if only via a computer screen, some folk contributing to the wholeness of a widow.  In fact, isn’t that one of the basic expressions of generosity that we Christians are commanded to do??  Yes, of course, it is.