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He asks himself, “If I had been the first to pass, would she have been pondering very much, ‘Oh, how good it was when he was still alive.  If only he were still here.’”  He knows that the answer is most likely, “No.”  . . . . . The fact is that the past is solid and predictable, something it seems difficult to say about the future.  When in the midst of what he doesn’t know (which is so big he doesn’t have the slightest idea of how much he doesn’t know), he feels more comforted having something solid, something predictable.  . . . . . But, as he reflects, he realizes the future is not any more unpredictable than it was when she was still alive and with him!!!  So, there is no reason to be more fretful now than there ever was then. . . . . . And, she would tell him, “I am glad you are catching on.”

The fewer the miracles, the easier it is to say they are simply random and inexplicable.  The more frequent they are, the easier it is to say that they are not miracles, but natural events even although still not understood.  In other words, if a person won’t recognize the reality of God intervening in the course of created reality, there is always some way of legitimatizing such incredulity, some way of their being able to say, “I gotcha.”

What would the rebellious person do if suddenly there were no laws against which the rebellious person could fight, and all were anarchy?  Talk about frustration!!!

Suffering is inescapable.  Also, there are many different kinds of causes.  Some causes are beyond our control.  Some of our suffering is traceable to our own conscious decisions.   . . . . . The issue is what we will do with the inescapable suffering, whether self caused or caused by something or someone else.  We can reject whatever value system and personal choices that gave birth to the suffering.  We can continue with the same value system and choices that gave birth to the suffering, but think that somehow the next time the results will be different.  Although absurd, this approach is, nonetheless, common.  And, they say that we learn by our experiences????