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Maybe we think in terms of “come and see” as to what we should convey to the person who does not sense any value in being God’s child.  Then, we may also think in terms of “go and tell” as to our attitude concerning the Christian message of Jesus.  Both the “come and see” concept and the “go and tell” concept share, in the mind of many, the common idea that there is some kind of competition between God and something or someone else.

Perhaps this may relate to the fact that people, to some degree, feel in competition with other humans.  We see it in a store when buyers compete with each other to get a limited number of items that are available at 90% reduction.  We see it in a football stadium where 100,000 fans cheer on the competition happening between the two goal posts.  We will see it shortly in basketball’s March Madness.   We see it in business where one company tries to buy, bury or bankrupt another company.  It happens when one candidate for a just opened business position will fluff up the CV before submitting it.   We see it in the family where children compete with each other for their parents’ attention.  The list goes on.  So, why not think of God in competition with the gods or at least another god?

Such thought may be explicable, but it is not justifiable.  God simply doesn’t have any competitors, and is not in any kind of struggle with other beings in His category.  He is the Only God.  There is no other in His category; He is His category.

It isn’t even the case that a fight with God is not a fair fight.  There simply isn’t a fight.  God is the Only God.  Whatever fight is happening is in the mind of humans that think in terms of God being in competition.  We are not looking at a case of God in danger of losing anything to anyone or anything else, or being knocked out in the ring.

We humans are the ones in danger, the danger of living in a death dealing illusion.  If you step out of an airplane at 30,000 feet while thinking you are getting into an elevator, you are in mortal danger due to your illusion.  Likewise, the person who puts credence in the illusion that what God provides us humans is also available from someone or something else is also in mortal danger.

God is not in competition with another supplier, or vendor, or builder, etc., who is providing an equivalent good or service to what God offers his created humanity.  God is not dealing with an equal, but opposite being, or force, or persona.  God doesn’t need fans to turn the tide in His favor versus the competitor.  God is in a class all His own.  Better said, God is a class all His own.