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This is a very short item today.  It compensates for the length of the last entry!!!

  • Prayer?  A spare wheel?  Perhaps for some folk.  Others think a more complete analogy is a steering wheel. It makes sense to me.
  • Friendships?  They are something like a book that can be destroyed quite quickly, but that normally take a long time to write.
  • Life is full of temporary things.  So, if things are going well, enjoy.  If things are going wrong, it probably won’t last long either.
  • I have heard it said that when God solves our problems, we have reason to justify our faith in His abilities.  Let’s consider, then, that maybe when God doesn’t solve our problem, perhaps it is because He has faith in our abilities.
  • The blind fellow said, “Losing my eye sight has been bad.  But, loving my vision – that would be much worse.”
  • Worry?  Does it remove tomorrow’s trouble?  No, but it does take away today’s peace.