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LAST NIGHT in the wee hours a thought came to me, to trust God beyond my own understanding of God. … The very next day and the day after I shared the thought with the young people I was teaching, and then I shared it with two friends my own age, and one said to trust God beyond our own understanding is what is required of us in dying, for our own understanding cannot penetrate the veil of death. (John S. Dunne, A Journey with God in Time: A Spiritual Quest) (quoted in Christianity Today, Sept 2008)


I HAVE a deep sense, hard to articulate, that if we could really befriend death we would be free people. … [O]ur lives would be significantly different if we could relate to death as a familiar guest instead of a threatening stranger. … Many people seem never to befriend death and die as if they were losing a hopeless battle. But we do not have to share that sad fate.(Henri J. M. Nouwen, A Letter of Consolation) (quoted in Christianity Today, Sept 2008)