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I know some people who know so much that I stand in awe of them.  Some of them are car mechanics.  Others are meteorologist, computer software programmers, chemists, linguists, orchestra conductors, and the list can go on.  In their fields they know cause and effect relationships so well that they can answer how? and why? questions that I don’t even understand and never expect to understand.

Add to that scenario that I have begun to read for a second time Philip Yancey’s Where is God When It Hurts?, which as the title indicates deals with the issue of pain and suffering.  It is another kind of How? and Why? question that has plagued humanity for thousands of years.

And then, just today, I listened again to “Prince Song” by the group known as the 2nd Chapter of Acts.  The first verse concludes with a reference to a How? question.  Click the following link (Prince Song *) to listen, and you can follow along with the lyrics if you would like.

I got a brand new story though you’ve heard it a time or two,
About a Prince who kissed a girl right out of the blue.
Hey this story ain’t no tale to me now,
For the Prince of Peace has given me life somehow
You know what I mean.

My sleep is over.
I’ve been touched by His fire, that burns from His eyes
and lifts me higher and higher.
I’ll live forever with Him right by my side.
He’s coming again on a white horse He’ll ride.
He’ll clothe me and crown me and make me His bride.
You know what I mean.
You know what I mean.

Perhaps the little word “somehow” toward the end of the first verse slipped by unnoticed, or you thought that it was chosen because they needed it rhyme with “now” in the previous line.  But, in reality, “somehow” is a key word, not a thrown-in word.  “Somehow” is an acknowledgement that we don’t really know how God has given us life.  That certainly is the case about spiritual life.

We may have some theories, some preferred hypotheses, some favorite theological terms that we use.  But, when it comes to knowing how God dwells in us humans to the point that we can say, “He has given me His life”, or “Jesus lives in me”, or that “we are the temple of the Holy Spirit”, we are truly at a loss to know how that happens.

We may be able to discount some proposals, such as God physically living in us.  But, to move to a positive statement of how God has given us His life, we are better served by simply saying along with the lyrics, “the Prince of Peace has given me life somehow.”  Some theological statements are “pointers” beyond themselves rather than boxes that contain the entire package.  And, we say, thank God for the pointers!!

* www.grooveshark.com/s/Prince+Song/27eIes?src=5