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Recently, I have been pondering about Jesus, in light of all that He did and continues to do for both Christians and everyone else.  It seems to me that in terms of percentage, thinking of the billions of people who are alive at this moment in human history, few people thank Him for what He has done.  And, then I thought of how easy it is to feel less than good when not being thanked for something that deserves a word of thanks.  

When in a situation like that, personally I sense “being taken for granted”, “not being appreciated”, etc..  From there I find it easy to think, “Why should I do things for people if they don’t appreciate them?  I won’t waste my time by doing it again.”

On one hand, that kind of comment I make to myself forces me to evaluate why I was doing the “favor” in the first place.  My reaction to the lack of thanks points to my having had a selfish motive, whether I was aware of it, or not, at the time of doing the good deed.   But, there is more to it than that.

For on the other hand, I have to deal realistically with the fact that my sense of not being appreciated (although that most likely is jumping to a false conclusion; after all I don’t really know what is behind the other person’s silence), pales when compared to how little Jesus is appreciated for His incredible graciousness to humanity, and yet not being thanked.

Why does Jesus continue to give to humans?  Apparently not for what He “gets” for having done it.  He does it because He loves, whether people return the love or not.  He doesn’t need the love; we are the ones who have the need to thank Him, and in thanking Him as He deserves, we are lifted up toward Him.  Does He want us to be lifted up toward Him?  Yes – for our sake!!

But, Jesus does us undeserved favors because He is true to Himself.  We are the beneficiaries of His unfailing integrity.  Does “being like our Lord and Savior” not also imply that we are to do “favors” (acts of love) to others for the same reason that Jesus does them to and for us?

Personally, I find the answer to be pretty obvious.


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