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Looking over our past can bring peals of laughter, tears of great sorrow, spells of melancholy, the recall of mistakes (some very damaging, and some that were simply expressions of childhood foolishness).  Perhaps gazing into the past resurrects the pain of misunderstandings (some that have been resolved by now, others that never have been), or expectations that we thought were legitimate (only to find out that they were illusionary).  For some of us it may be the pain of having trusted a “friend” (only to finally realize that we were being “used”).  We remember insults (both ours and those of others directed our way).  The memories of being taken for granted (and also taking someone else for granted).  Do you recall not being able to escape the presence of someone with an air of condescending superiority?  Perhaps our minds will not let go of the times we caused someone to weep uncontrollably because of our failure.  Perhaps they gave up because of our lack of trust.  Maybe they became bitter because we created disheartening disillusion.

I have heard it said that with time, we forget the bad times of the past and exaggerate the good (like in “the good old days”).  But, I also know that such a verdict on what time does is not universally the case; life is not that simple. So, what do we do when our past is so checkered, and still makes itself felt in our present moments?

What I have been describing is the mental construct I brought to hearing Susan Boyle’s rendition, sung with great feeling, of “Wild Horses”- click here for You Tube OR here for Grooveshark . (The lyrics follow this paragraph) Her song encouraged me to not let the “Wild Horses” (the disillusions, failures, and perhaps betrayals of the past – both mine and others’) to drag me away from the present and future opportunities that the Lord has granted to me.  If anyone ever had a reason to be disillusioned with people, certainly Jesus did.  But, He did not let the uncontrolled forces of evil, the demons on wild horses, drag Him from His goals.  And furthermore, if anyone had reason to be discouraged with past performances, certainly Jesus’ disciples did.  But, God gave them His Spirit who could tame their Wild Horses.

Childhood living it’s easy to do
The things that you wanted, well I bought them for you
Graceless lady, you know who I am
You know I can’t let you just slide through my hands

Wild horses couldn’t drag me away
Wild, wild horses, couldn’t drag me away

I watched you suffer, a dull aching pain
Now you’ve decided to show me the same
No sweeping exits or offstage lines
Could make me feel bitter or treat you unkind

Wild horses couldn’t drag me away
Wild horses couldn’t drag me away

I don’t know I dreamt you, a sin and a lie
And I have my freedom but I don’t have much time
Fate has been suffered, and tears must be cried
Let’s do some living. . .  after we die

Wild horses couldn’t drag me away
Wild horses wouldn’t drag me away