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The card I would have given her – October 5

Five years ago today, her birthday card was ready. But, five years ago today it was already too late to give her that card. Joyce had already taken wings to go home, to be with Father God, to dwell in the home the Son of God had prepared for her.

Before she left, I had said to her, about her new home, “I’ll take care of the painting when I arrive; leave something for me to do!”  I don’t know how aware of her surroundings when I told her that. Nonetheless, it was an affirmation for her, one more time, even if in a light hearted fashion, that she always stayed on top of things. She was better at that than I was . . . and am.

Another way she expressed that same trait was to buy birthday cards well in advance.  Although picking up some of that habit, I never became as diligent as was she. Nonetheless, I had had the birthday card for her five years ago today. Now, five birthdays later, I still have it – the card I would have given her – the card not delivered.  

Why keep it now, I ask as I see it here on my desk? The answer really is not complicated. It is because the card’s expressed sentiments still remain as true now as then.  They capture truths that have not faded nor gone out of style. And, what are those sentiments expressed on that card I would have given Joyce on Oct 5, five years ago? I was hoping your would ask.

No one means more to me than you . . .

And nothing means more to me that your love

The joy your smile gives me,

Your sweet kisses every day,

Your loving arms around me

In a warm, romantic way,

Songs that make me think of us,

A favorite photograph,

Memories of the fun we’ve shared,

The way you make me laugh,

Your eyes, so full of tenderness,

The soft touch of your hands,

The way we often think alike,

And always understand –

All love’s little treasures,

Everything we share and do

Are very special reasons

Why my heart belongs to you

More Than Yesterday . . .  Less Than Tomorrow

my Love, my Life, my Wife