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Christmas approaches – Who is this Jesus we celebrate?

Songs and sermons, stories and stage productions are only some of the vehicles used the past 2000 years to capture the person named Jesus, the one we Christians worship and to whom we dedicate our lives. The following brief concepts are part of a “symposium on Jesus” prepared by John Blanchard, and published in The Book of Jesus, pages 52-54.

  • When Jesus came to earth he did not cease to be God; when he returned to heaven he did not cease to be man. (John Blanchard)
  • Jesus Christ is God in the form of man; as completely God as if he were not man; as completely man as if he were not God. (A J F Behrends)
  • Jesus Christ, the condescension of divinity, and the exaltation of humanity. (Philip Brooks)
  • Christ uncrowned himself to crown us, and put off his robe to put on our rags, and came down from heaven to keep us out of hell. He fasted forty days that he might feast us to all eternity; he came from heaven to earth that he might send us from earth to heaven. (W. Dyer)
  • Jesus became as like us as God can be. (Donald English)
  • Christ is our temple in whom by faith all believers meet. (Matthew Henry)
  • The impression of Jesus which the gospels gives . . . is not so much one of deity reduced as of divine capacity restrained. (J I Packer)
  • Christ was not half a God and half a man; he was perfectly God and perfectly man. (James Stalker)
  • Because Christ was God, did he pass unscorched through the fires of Gethsemane and Calvary? Rather, let us say, because Christ was God he underwent a suffering that was absolutely infinite. (Augustus H Strong)