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At this moment, I am taking advantage of YouTube, and listening to Helene Grimaud’s artistry on the Ravel Piano Concerto in G. It is beautiful, and it takes my mind back to this afternoon’s workout at SnapFitness. While on the elliptical, I was using the Kindle Fire to listen to Anna Fedorova’s version of the Rachmaninov Piano Concerto # 2. So, here I am right now, rethinking thoughts of today with the context of the music that has filled my senses today.

A sunset can be breathtaking. And, looking at the mountains, either from 30,000 feet or from a high spot on the Appalachians Trail – both views fill my eyes with beauty. . . Seeing the whiteness that wasn’t there yesterday afternoon, but that is now this morning after ten inches of snow have covered ground, and roofs, and roads, and have given the trees that indescribable glow as the son rises – it is beautiful. Nature’s beauty, without a doubt, provides us with relief from the many evidences of broken things, many of them lying along the roadside.

But this afternoon, and again this evening, I was reminded again that it is the beauty of music that thrills my soul even more than the beauty of nature. Both Fedorova and Grimaud creatively make those pianos come alive with both soothing and boisterous music. The cameras pick up the artists’ facial gestures, the hand and arm movements, the eyes opening and then closed, the tightening and then the relaxing of their fingers. Their minds, their very being – all focused on the concerto they are re-creating.

As I listen, I think that every time a concerto is performed live, it is different. It only takes a pause of a millisecond at a particular place, or an almost imperceptibly softer touch on a particular key to make one concerto sound slightly different from the one played last night by the same artist.

Both versions were glorious. And, both versions were created by humans who are graced with intelligence, dexterity, extreme audio perception, physical coordination, the power of concentration, and “feel”. I can’t help but think that God must be joyful as He listens to the beauty that His creatures have been able to create so such spectacularly. And I, as I listen, find myself saying to myself, “How great is God to have both created beings in His image that have such talent.” And, “How great is God to have created other beings that have the ability to enjoy it.”

If you want to listen to either or both of the concertos that filled my senses today, here are the links: To listen to Anna Fedorova’s version of the Rachmaninov Concerto # 2, click https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEGOihjqO9w.

To listen to Helene Grimaud’s version of the Ravel Concerto in G, click https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqJkdMvFEEg

Enjoy the beauty, be thrilled with the sounds and sights, and praise the God who ultimately is responsible for such creativity.

Your comments on “the beauty of music” are welcome