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I don’t know how it happened. But, during last night, someone took advantage of my never locking the house doors, along with my being dead to the world when asleep. I mean that. I don’t even hear the Big Green garbage truck as it picks up the container and then dumps its contents  – only 35 ½ feet away from my bed!!

But, I am distracted! (Or better said, I am detracting myself – don’t want to be guilty of blaming someone else; that wouldn’t be couth, would it?). The point is that there on my desk, in front of the closed laptop computer, was a very brief note, with these words: “When I began, I wanted them to like me. Now – I want them to fear me. Times change. Back then I was right. And now – I am still right. I always am right. Got it? Get it. Good.”

What the h…? Then, I captured another anomaly: the very faint scent of something I had never smelled before.   I walked around my small, one-floor bungalow house. There was no one spot from where the scent emanated. Was it the residue of some kind of sleeping gas, very short lived and that permitted rapid and anonymous entry to the house? Why was I chosen?   Other questions began to rise to the surface, and then flood my consciousness.

I went back to my desk where I found the note originally. I realized that I had overlooked something. The pen. Why leave a pen, if the note wasn’t signed? Da! I had seen pictures of it (the guy uses them for official occasions – nothing vain there, eh?) So, he (or some lackey) pulled off this little prank, eh? Assuming (a questionable approach at this stage of affairs) it wasn’t a mere practice run by the involved character, I figured there was some reason for selecting this old geezer (me) as their contact point. They must have thought I would say something to other folk (like I am doing now).   But, say what?

One thing seemed obvious. If they could get into my house without my awareness, they could also get into other peoples’ houses. The means and manners could, and would, vary in accord to the circumstances.   Another obvious item: They had the means to find out what they needed to know in order to carry off this kind of operation – they had a big network of information at their disposal.   And, let’s not forget another piece – those who carried off this little operation had what they would consider good reasons for doing it; there was some kind of recompense for them.

Now I, whether the perps realized it or not, was on familiar ground. The “boss operator” might have thought he had some secret understanding of how things work. He might think he has access to elements of operation that few others have. And, he might be right. BUT, in reality the “boss operator” is “successful” only to the degree that the minions are kept ignorant of what is REALLY happening and how it is happening, when it comes to “fear” versus “liking”.

But, forgive me. I just made a serious leap. I need to come back to this.  We have just begun!!!


. . . . . . . . . . . . . More to follow . . . . . . . . . . . . .