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RECOMMENDATION – Begin by reading “1. It Showed Up On My Desk This Morning” (Mar 18 2015)

It has been two days now since I woke up to find the note on my desk. Much to my relief no further nocturnal visits have happened here on my quiet street (as far as I know!) But, I will assume that some of my observations are trustworthy. If none of them were, I’d have no rhyme nor reason to be telling this tale. But, the tale must go on, right?

Although incident free, the past two days have not freed my wandering and wondering mind. The note, left on my desk, included this cryptic statement, “When I began, I wanted them to like me. Now? – I want them to fear me. Times change. . . “

That the note’s author would admit to changing his mind as to what he (another assumption on my part, eh?) wanted did pique my interest. Could the fellow behind my “home invasion” be mentally or emotionally unstable? Could his circumstances be parallel with mine, requiring him to go with the changing flow of current events?  Could there be even other scenarios, particular to him and unfathomable to me, and that he prefers to keep to himself? Oh my, what swirling waters have begun to surround me!!

Regardless of what I don’t know about the Boss Operator, I couldn’t ignore the words: “I wanted them to like me. . . I want them to fear me.” Those words, on the surface, were not difficult to understand. They pointed to the guy not being consistent. The guy was trying to figure out what he wanted. He had misread his “wants.” Or, perhaps, having gotten what he first wanted, he realized that there was more to want, and that somehow fearful people were the key to his getting it

But, why refer to “being liked” and “being feared”?   Why not say, “being adored” or “being admired”, “being a role model” or “being envied”, “being super rich” or “being loved”?? None of those.   Nope. He had first wanted to be liked. Now, he wanted to be feared. I figure that he didn’t choose his words by opening a dictionary and blindly putting his finger somewhere on the page!! No, he was thinking in terms of “like” and “fear.”

What kind of person thinks in those categories? What does that kind of person think about his surrounding entourage? What does that kind of person say about us – those that aren’t who he is???



. . . . . . . . . . . . . More to follow . . . . . . . . . . . . .