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Part 3 – Sam and Jac – So what’s a little breaking and entering?  What’s the deal?  No one got hurt, did they?

It was still dark when Sam and Jac left the neighborhood. They had deposited the note per their instructions. Although never having been in the area before, they’d had no trouble finding the house. A simple rudimentary GPS gave them all they needed. Their job, so simple and run-of-the-mill for them, had taken but ten minutes at the max.

In fact, Sam didn’t even get out of the car. Jac had walked to the house through the open back yard that connected to the neighborhood’s only boulevard, while Sam drove around several blocks waiting for Jac to take care of the “incident.”

Walking through the soft and silent grass, Sam went straight to the clothes’ dryer exhaust tube where he pumped in some potent (but not dangerous) sleeping gas. Then, to the front porch and door. By that time, he had his gas mask in place. Sam opened silently the front door, walking the seven steps to the desk, which was only four feet from the bed. Putting the note and the pen on the desk, and then walking out as he quietly closed the door, he ambled back to the car – job finished – a piece of cake.

The “job” was so simple, and so non-dangerous, that as Sam got into the car, the guys just smiled at each other, and said almost simultaneously, “Anything else tonight?

Jac added, “How about some coffee and donut. There should be someplace around here, shouldn’t there” They both knew the answer. Sam grinned at Jac, and said, “Coffee, a donut, and back to the office.”

In spite of having done jobs like this before, all without glitches or danger, this time, Sam was bothered. Perhaps it was the contents of the note. Perhaps it was the blatant audacity of the Boss Operator to leave a pen along with the note. Whatever. But, Sam became pensive, and Jac noticed it.

“Hey, guy, what ya thinking? You are quiet. What’s the deal?”

“Not sure I know,” said Sam.

“Talk to me, Sam.”

“Jac, we’ve been doing this kind of crappy stuff for how long now? Several years. Working in the shadows. Never constructive. Always junk that is going to scare people, frighten them, leave them thinking they have no secrets, no private space. Sure, the pay is good; I admit that. But, the last part of that note I left on the desk has gotten to me this time. The Boss Op says: “I want them to fear me” – those were his words. That is what he said! What are we coming to? Where are we headed? Fear being what moves us?”

Sam’s comments and questions were all new to Jac. Sam had never talked like this. Jac wasn’t all jittery about Sam’s comments; he just wasn’t sure what to make of them. Jac was comfortable working with Sam. He trusted Sam. They covered each other’s back. What’s the deal? thought Jac.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . More to follow . . . . . . . . . . . . .