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Of all our multitude of mistakes, let’s not make the one that . . . perceives God as being part of something bigger than God!! And, the second mistake we must equally avoid is this – thinking of everything, or even anything, as being part of God!!!

God doesn’t have “His place” somewhere in what we think of as “reality”. There is no door behind which God exists, through which we must go to enter God’s presence. There is no place to where we can go to be absent from God. There is no crevice into which we can crawl to escape from God. There is no place to where we can go to be closer to God.

There is no mountain whose heights get us closer to God than where we are at this moment. There is no spot in the universe where we are further from God than we are at this very instant.

Can we live with this reality? The question per se is meaningless, because we are already living with it – the reality of God is inescapable. The question that is not meaningless nor escapable is this: “how well are we living with the reality of God?”