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Food and Drink . . . and Jesus

We will eat, and we will drink as we celebrate Christmas.  It goes with the season.  And, of course, it is truly a joyful experience.  And, then we have – – –

Jesus – our food, our drink. “drink my blood. Eat my flesh” . . . Jesus is graphically making the point that He provides for us what we need to live. Humans have known “forever” that if we don’t have liquids and / or don’t have food we will die – some sooner than others – but eventually we all die without nourishment.

Jesus is what/who gives us our nourishment for life, the life that we have on another level than the life provided by liquid and food.

Participating in a communion meal visualizes our understanding that with Jesus we live and without Him, we die.

I know from experience (and I think most people know it after a certain point in their life) how the intimate presence we have with someone (friend, spouse, child, parent, etc.) animates us. And, we know how the absence of that person deadens us. We know what prolonged loneliness can do. We also know what a hug, a kiss, a caress can do for us; they animate us.

Those experiences are pointers to what Jesus does for us on a level beyond what the food and the drink provide, and what the presence of people provides.

A person who doesn’t yet recognize that our needs go beyond food and drink, beyond human contact and fellowship, will not sense any need for being connected to the living Jesus. They may interpret our talk about Jesus as incoherent. It will remain incoherent for them until they witness enough behavior of some people, behavior not traceable to the presence of other humans of their same level!!

Admittedly, they may, then, in an effort to maintain their position, attribute our behavior and talk as evidence of mental illness or deficiency. When that happens, they will only “buckle” when the number of faithful Jesus devotees makes it impossible to use “mental illness” as an explanation.

Of course, wrong headed obstinacy can be fatal, on more than one level!!



Truly have a Merry Christmas with the living Lord Jesus