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She asked about the Bible and gender inequality.  I gave her my “cut to the chase” response:

“Hi, Charissa.  I hope the afternoon is going well.  I am glad my comment about the women and angels made some sense to the ladies that were present at the discussion session.

“I freely admit that I find no Biblical evidence for any inherent inequality of the genders.  There are obvious features in each gender that give rise to different roles and functions.  But, those differences of roles and functions have no impact on gender inequality.

“A screwdriver and a hammer are different, and have different functions.  Neither is superior to the other.   Long live the differences.  May neither flaunt their difference in valuative terms.

“Making the transition to the idea of gender differences affirming gender inequality, the one who does so is immediately demonstrating their moral or cognitive deficiency, at least in that topic!  You will draw the parallels, I am sure.

“Enough preaching and philosophizing!!!

“Be blessed.