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Seen in the Post Office

His eyes were drawn to the two children, of about 2-3 years of age. The third child must have been very young, as it was covered in the baby basket, and never made a peep.

The children and the mother sat near the Passport Office door. Although playing with some of the items in the display counter, the children were quiet, yet clearly happy. The mother spoke softly with the two children.

The observer’s eyes were fixed on the sight, and thought to himself, “These children did not magically drop from heaven as perfect children.” “This mother has invested time, graciousness, kindness and confidence into these children.” Then, the mother, so quietly that the man did not hear what was said, gathered the children to her, softly taking their hands, and began to walk toward the post office’s exit.

The man, watching all of this display of the children’s unusual behavior was compelled to comment to the mother. “Ma’am”, he began, ”permit me to congratulate you on how well you are educating your children and how you are guiding them when in public places.” Her face broke into a broad smile as she said, “Thank you, very much.”

“I am very impressed,” said the man. The mother continued to smile; it was clear that she felt gratified that a stranger had complimented her.

The mother and the young boys continued to walk toward the exit door, and the man said to himself, “those young boys have a good future ahead of themselves; their mother is doing it right. And, I was given the privilege of being able to congratulate her. This day is going well!! Thank you, Lord.”