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Kisses, Love, and God

The couple had lived long enough to know that kisses come in many forms, can have many meanings, and can convey a variety of messages. They also knew that their kisses involved two pair of lips acting at the same time. That is all the further this part of these comments needs to go ! !

The point I want to make is that love, not just kisses, between the lovers is also a mutual experience. Yes, love between two people normally involves one of them taking the lead with “I love you”, which usually motivates an equal “I love you, too”.

But, then we all hope that the love we have with our soul mate will be faultlessly reciprocal. We want to go far beyond using our “I love you” as a means to hear the other one to say “I love you, too.” We want to love without being forced or pressured to proclaim our love. We want to freely say, and freely hear it said to us, “I love you”, with no manipulation on either side.

And, when that “want” is realized, we will know something about God, whether we recognize it or not. It will be something that we will not know otherwise.

What a privilege it is to love someone else! What a joy to incarnate God’s love in our relationships with someone else. What a thrill to, in some way, have demonstrated that love is the dominant force in life, and we have participated in God’s approach to us, His creatures.

There is, without a doubt, a reason behind the expression, “God is love.” The reason is God Himself ! !