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From Sarah Young’s JESUS CALLING: Enjoying peace in His presence

“Walk with Me along paths of trust. The most direct route before point A and point B on your life-journey is the path of unwavering trust in Me. When your faith falters, you choose a trail that meanders and takes you well out of our way. You will get to point B eventually, but you will have lost precious time and energy.

“As soon as you realize you have wandered from your trust-path, look to Me and whisper, “I trust You, Jesus.” This affirmation will help you get back on track.

“The farther you roam along paths of unbelief, the harder it is to remember that I am with you. Anxious thoughts branch off in all directions, taking you farther and farther from awareness of My Presence. You need to voice your trust in Me frequently. This simple act of faith will keep you walking along straight paths with me.

Trust in Me with all your heart, and I will make your paths straight.”

Isaiah 26.4   Psalm 9.10   Psalm 25.4-5   Proverbs 3.5-6

Published by Thomas Nelson, 2004, page 265