The 4 year old boy looked for the first time . . . in his life.

“Mommy, what is that?

“A pineapple”, she said. “You can eat it. Touch it”, she said.

Mothers are always right, of course. So Johnny touched it. It wasn’t smooth like an apple. But, he trusted his Mommy.

“Can I taste it?” he asked.

He watched Mother cut away the “skin”, and then cut little bite size pieces, and put several of them in a little bowl.

Johnny was fascinated. His eyes were big. He put a piece in his mouth, smiled, and said, “that’s good, Mommy. Can I have some more?”

“Of course, honey. I’m glad you like it. We’ll eat more at supper time.”

Johnny had just taken another bite size step in growing up. Mom smiled, and gave Johnny a hug and kiss. . .

That’s how lifeis supposed to happen, isn’t it, eh ! . . . Why doesn’t it?