More about Vernon Caston

Although writing for years,  I’m  now reaching beyond the formal classroom with musings and observations from over the years, as well as from current experiences.

My academic background:  a PhD from New York University where my dissertation focused on the the themes of morality and epistemology in the writings of the Argentine author Eduardo Mallea.  After 15 years as a professor in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I took a position at Crown College in Minnesota.  I am a tenured professor emeritus with teaching concentrations in philosophy, theology, and New Testament.

Readers, I encourage you to submit comments, join the musings, and express their agreement or disagreement.  Also, I encourage you to go back to earlier postings of musings and observations.

A final comment – “Stertin” – He / She / It is a figment of my imagination, and only serves as a “name” holder for WordPress.   Periodically I play a mental game, wondering what Stertin would be like if a real person existed behind the name.  Feel free to share what you think Stertin might be!!

4 thoughts on “More about Vernon Caston”

  1. D. Jean Sullivan said:


    I have read all of Stertin’s musings. Keep the thought provoking writing coming. Thanks.

    D. Jean Sullivan

  2. Jean,

    Thanks for the encouraging words. I will do my best to follow your advice. Her story was that you knew something before she did, and even before we met – that we would be husband and wife. You see why your advice is important to me?


  3. This Christmas we received a newsy letter from a couple in our church; the Benson’s. In it, they refer to their son, Thor, who is a professor at Crown College. Given your position, I’m guessing you may know him. And, yes, the Evangelical Free Church of America has its share of Norwegians! ;^)

    • Lee, I don’t recall having met Thor. My guess is that he has taken an on-site position within the past 5 or 6 years (after I moved to exclusively on-line courses), or that Thor is an adjunct prof in one of the recently added programs at Crown.

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