If we knew the future (not just hoped concerning it nor believed something about it), what would we do?  What could we do?

I heard a fellow once reply that he would bet a million dollars on a particular football game.  He was “absolutely” sure about the outcome of the game.  Also, I have heard it said that you could make a million dollars over night if you knew for sure at what figure the Dow Jones would close tomorrow.  One thing appears sure – humans would either directly or indirectly abuse others if they knew the details of what would happen in the future.

But, is it that simple?  If we were to do anything at all due to our knowing the future, would we not actually be changing the future?  Would that not show that we didn’t know the future after all?   In other words, is it logically impossible to both know the future and do anything about it???!!!

Let me know if something is wrong with this reasoning?